Love turns to SP sprayer for SA cropping manager

07.01.2024 By Miller Company News

Photo caption 1: Justin Smorti, Ramsey Bros Riverton, Nigel Hodge, McIntosh Distribution, and Saltbush Ag Cropping Manager Matt Willis discuss the boom set-up on the Miller Nitro 7380 sprayer now deployed at the Booborowie property.

Photo caption 2: Justin and Nigel check-in on the crop spraying program at Saltbush Ag near Booborowie with Cropping Manager Matt Willis, who is now most happy to complete it sitting in the cab of a Miller Nitro 7380 sprayer.

Photo caption 3: Matt told Nigel and Justin that the new IVECO Tier 2 turbo diesel engine at the rear of the Miller Nitro 7380 sprayer delivered ample power. “There were a couple of spots where it had a bite, but it powered through,’’ Matt says.

Photo caption 4: Matt says they have no complaints with the cab in the latest Miller Nitro 7380 sprayer. “We can’t fault the cab – we love it,’’ he says.




Matt Willis

Cropping Manager

Saltbush Ag, Booborowie, SA

3000ha cropping program including wheat, barley, oats and some canola, as well as oaten, vetch and lucerne hay, also under pivot irrigation. The property also runs about 2000 Merino ewes plus trade sheep, as well as a sheep feedlot.

You mentioned the decision to upgrade to a self-propelled sprayer over your tug-along was to free-up the tractor, and then how did you decide on the Miller sprayer from Ramsey Bros at Riverton?

“We might be wanting to desiccate when we are baling. When we buy something, we tend to do a lot of research, so we did all the numbers and landed on the Miller 7380 sprayer with the Spray-Air technology to gain efficiencies.’’

Your sprayer also features the Miller Spray-Air system. How has that and the sprayer improved efficiencies for you?

“We’ve cut our water rates back to 80 litres (per ha using both the Spray-Air and standard spray line), so by about 20 per cent; we’ve gone to a 120-foot boom (36 metres), so we are covering a hell of a lot more acres; and we are doing it quicker, being an SP, so we are spending less time in the paddock. We were probably doing 40-45ha/hour with the tug-along, which had 8000L. Now we are doing 60-65ha/hr with the 6000L tank on the Miller, so we are gaining 20ha/hr – that’s an extra third. Filling up is also quicker.’’

How have you found operating the Spray-Air technology?

“We are only adjusting the air and it definitely moves the crop around. With broadleaf weeds, we are getting right down to the little weeds, giving us better control, and with fungicides we are definitely getting great coverage and penetration.’’

Has drift management also been okay?

“We have backed-off our travel speed slightly to around 20km/hr and have got the pressures back a little, so we have bigger droplets.’’

Are there other features of the Miller Nitro 7380 that you have particularly liked?

“We like the idea of the boom out the front, which, compared with the extra set of wheels with the tug-along as well, can be good in paddocks that can get dusty in summer and due to running sheep. The power is ample too. There were a couple of spots where it had a bite, but it powered through.’’

Have you appreciated the machine’s high ground clearance?

“We no longer need to hire planes for Roundup croptopping of canola, which we did last year. A few neighbours that use planes have shown some interest.’’

Has machine stability also been a factor on the property?

“I was pretty nervous with the hills we have, but it is fine. The seat goes sideways and it can make you feel a little uncomfortable with the sprayer, but it is great. We can’t fault the cab – we love it.’’