See your world without ever looking back.

Experience a new way to spray with the Miller Nitro.

Out front-mount booms mean you’ll have a clear view of every nozzle from end to end, allowing you to promptly adapt to changing conditions and spray patterns. 

The luxury cab reduces noise pollution, ensuring a quieter, more comfortable ride. Plus, you’ll achieve precision in targeting weeds without the interference of tyre dust and turbulence common with rear-mounted sprayers.

Elevate your productivity to new heights.

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Superior visibility

Easily monitor every nozzle across the entire boom's length with a Miller Nitro.

Gives the operator the ability to instantly spot any changes in conditions and how these alterations impact the spray pattern.

This real-time feedback helps you to make swift adjustments, ensuring precise and effective spray application.

SprayView™ cabin

Designed with the operator in mind, the purpose-built SprayViewTM cab leads the industry in comfort with a wide leather-wrapped, high-back air ride Grammar© seat that ensures every operator stays comfortable, even after an extended day of spraying.

Experience the quietest cab on the market.

With its vast glass area, the cab offers 270 degree of visibility. This design guarantees the operator will always enjoy an uninterrupted view of the surroundings, enhancing safety and productivity.

Miller Intelligence difference

Miller Intelligence improves your spraying process through seamless connectivity and real-time data access.

The 12.1” SprayView 12® display lets you control sprayer functions and access vital data on-the-go.

If fitted with the factory option RAVEN Viper® 4+, all spray data is seamlessly transferred to the office via the cloud.

Operators can integrate with the MYPLM for remote machine data viewing and fault code access, for easy and rapid support.

Additionally, the Miller Intelligence is ISOBUS (11783) compliant, offering flexible field computer choices.

Fuel Savings

Miller Nitro sprayers are powered by proven, reliable FPT® Tier 2 turbo diesel engines.

These engines stand out not just for their durability but also for their impressive fuel efficiency, providing the power you need while saving you money.

Un-matched stability

Achieve unparalleled manoeuvrability with unique 2-wheel steer or 4-wheel steer options.

2-wheel steer (2WS) (standard): turning radius of 4.5 m allowing tight turns in headlands.

4-wheel steer (4WS) (option): a single-wheel track turn. When activated, provides a turning radius of 6.4 m in 2WS and 4.5 m in 4WS.With both front and rear wheels following the same track you’ll enjoy precise control and minimise crop damage.

Even weight distribution

Miller Nitro offers unparalleled weight distribution, ensuring consistent weight distribution between the front and rear axles.

Regardless of tank volume, you’ll achieve optimal stability and performance at all times.

Industry-leading ground clearance

With a remarkable ground clearance of 1.8m for the 7380 model and 2.0m for the 7310 adjustable (tyre-dependent), Miller sprayers set a new standard for crop protection.

Navigate through your fields with confidence while protecting the tallest of crops.