GPS Receivers: mapping & accuracy

GPS Receivers are essential for accuracy and guidance performance on a Miller Nitro.

There are two supported options available:
• Raven RS1™

Choose the system that works for you.

Fully integrated GNSS antenna and steering controller.

PLM CYGNUS™ has four types of correction levels, three which are satellite delivered and a RTK correction, which can be delivered with NTRIP technology or RTK radio signals (available through you local dealer).

For the Operator that wants complete machine integration.

Raven RS1™
To be used with a Raven field computer, RS1 is a high-powered guidance and connectivity system that combines Autosteer, GNSS/RTK and Slingshot® Connectivity.

For the Operator that wants a fully-integrated solution using the Raven correction signal.*

*Your local dealer can assist with compatibility


Both options can be moved from machine to machine, and can be used wherever it’s needed.
Unrivalled high-speed wireless connectivity, vehicle tracking and uninterrupted data transfer
Simple set-up and configuration makes both these options user-friendly
PLM CYGNUS™ allows continued operation for up to 20 minutes even when connectivity is disrupted
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All systems are available on all Miller Nitro models
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RTK X-Fill?

CNH GPS receivers offer RTK X-Fill technology, which is a built-in feature that allows continued operation of the receiver for up to 20 minutes if connection is disrupted.

Are 3rd Party GPS receivers compatible with the Miller Nitro?

Yes, there are certain 3rd party GPS receivers that are compatible with the Miller Nitro (if used in conjunction with a Raven SC1 controller). Please contact your local dealership for more information.