Sotera pumps: Chemical transfer equipment

Induct chemical into the Miller Nitro product tank with ease using the 12V Sotera chemical transfer pump.

Opting for a Sotera pump on your Miller Nitro will provide a complete transfer solution to multi-viscosity applications and the versatility needed for your fields.


Engineered with double diaphragms, it delivers reliable performance by maintaining constant output pressure regardless of load
Santoprene diaphragms are compatible with a wide range of fluids including but not limited to agricultural pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and water
Pumps can run dry without causing any internal damage, giving you peace of mind with your investment
Thermally-protected motor prevents overheating, ensuring your pump withstands the test of time
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Miller Nitro 7380 & 7420
Up to 49L per minute
Micro Matic coupling
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sotera chemical pump system come with a Micro Matic coupling?

Yes, if selected the Sotera chemical pump system on a Miller Nitro, a Micro Matic 3 pin coupling along with a Micro Matic rinsing socket is included.

Is there a chemical pump system that comes standard with the Miller Nitro 7000 series.

The Sotera chemical pump is an additional option, advise your dealer of your preference when ordering.
As an alternative, if you select a Granni Mix a Venturi suction port is supplied.

Can I suck out of a 20L drum?

Yes, the Sotera chemical pump can suck chemical from 10L containers, 110L returnables and 1000L shuttles and above.