E-kay crop dividers: prevent crop damage by up to 90%

Save your crop, your back and your tyres with E-Kay Crop Dividers, available as an option on your Miller Nitro.

These lightweight, spring-loaded pivoting nose cones trips over obstacles such as wash outs, lodged materials and road crossings.

Easy to install, easy to see the savings.

Installation of front and rear E-Kay crop dividers on your Miller Nitro can minimise crop damage and yield loss up to 90%.


Pivoting divider arm with minimal moving parts allows adjustment for different crop conditions
Crop dividers easily lift out of the way for machine transport
Low maintenance, one operator can install in minutes with its fast-attach pocket mount
Spring loaded pivoting nose cone trips over obstacles such as wash outs and lodged materials to avoid collision damage during road crossings
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Save your crops with the easiest solution on the market

Watch as E-Kay crop dividers glide through crops with minimal impact.


All Miller Nitro models / 4000 / 5000 series
7310 / 7380 /7420
Width from 380 to 520
other widths available upon request.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are E-Kay Crop Dividers?

E-Kay Crop Dividers are innovative agricultural attachment designed to enhance lessen the dampening of sprayer tyres in crop.

What are the benefits of the E-Kay crop dividers?

E-Kay Crop Dividers stand out due to their spring loaded trip-action nose-cone, adjustable settings so different crop types can be accommodated, transport friendly and ease of installation.
These features ensure efficient crop division without compromising performance or causing damage.

How do you install E-Kay Crop Dividers work?

Installation is straightforward process, and can be completed by one person due to the light weight nose-cones.
The mounting bracket bolts (included) on to the suspension arm.
The nose-cone mounting bracket then gets installed to this, and the nose-cone can be lifted on and attached.

Are the E-kay crop dividers adjustable for different crop conditions?

Yes, the dividers feature a pivoting divider arm with minimal moving parts, allowing for easy adjustment to suit various crop type and heights.

Can I retrofit to an older Miller Nitro model?

Yes, however extra mounting brackets may be required depending on the age of the Miller Nitro model.