25L Chemical Eductor: granular batching vessel

The 25L chemical eductor is an onboard eduction system for quick and safe loading of chemicals into spray tanks and is an option for Miller Nitro 7310 models.

From machine to field – batch on the go.

The polypropylene tank comes equipped with tank rinse, designed to wash the hopper completely and a drum rinse valve.

All chemistry is mixed at ground level, ensuring the safety of both the operator and the environment.


Self-contained unit, so need for large batching plants
Dissolving granules prior to entering the main product tank reducing blockage risk
Up to 120 litres per minute
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Miller Nitro 7310 only
25 litres
Up to 120 litres per minute
Engagement of pump and valve operation at ground level on keypad
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I operate the 25L Chemical Eductor into my Miller Nitro?

Providing the engine is running, all operation of the 25L Chemical Eductor is done at the ground level on the key pad.

What are the benefits of the 25L Chemical Eductor option on a Miller Nitro?

It ensures granules are dissolved prior to entering the main product tank.

Can I have a 25L Chemical Eductor on a Miller Nitro 7380 or 7420?

No. The Granni Mix is only available on Miller Nitro 7310.
For a similar function, Miller Nitro 7380 and 7420 models can be fitted with a Granni Mix (link to page).