Swath and spray with one machine

Miller Nitro is the ONLY high-clearance self-propelled sprayer that allows a multi-use option; to spray and to swath.

Just take your boom off and replace it with the Miller Nitro swathing attachment with your front.

Swath-Adapter Brackets & Swath-Ready Kits

Factory-order or retrofit your Miller Nitro with the essentials to get the most out of your machine:

Swath-Adapter Brackets
Enables your swathing front to be fitted to your Miller Nitro in place of the boom.
The brackets enable safe removal and storage of the boom for other operations.

Swath-Ready Kits
Kits include:
• Quick-attach
• Telescopic arms
• Ultra-flow hydraulic pump (if required)
• Boom storage stands


The only high-clearance self-propelled sprayer in the market with multi-use flexibility.
The innovative design of our kits ensures a seamless swap from spraying to swathing, and back again.
Invest in one power unit for both your spraying and swathing tasks.
Provides disconnect points for the boom and all hydraulic & electrical functions to allow for fast and simple attaching and detaching of boom or swather fronts.
Includes the adaptor frame with leaf spring suspension for swather front, hydraulic valve blocks, hosing, and wiring harnesses with connections for 2 working and transport lights (lights not included).
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Maximise productivity with Miller Nitro.

Watch the power of a versatile sprayer that can handle multiple tasks.

Swath and Spray like never before.


Miller Nitro 7380 & 7420 Miller Nitro 6000 (subject to machine specifications)
MacDon D series - up to 42” / 12.8m
HoneyBee swathing fronts - up to 42” / 12.8m (subject to availability)
Caters for up to three spray sections for spraying under the front. Sprayline not included.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Miller Nitro's swathing kit enhance equipment versatility?

Our brackets and kits are designed to perfectly complement your spraying equipment. By simply removing the boom and attaching a swathing front, you can easily transition from spraying to swathing operations.

This leads to improved coverage and reduced drift at higher speeds.
IntelliSpray II™ is available exclusively on Miller Nitro sprayers.

Can you retrofit a new swath-adapter bracket on an existing Miller Nitro?

Yes. You may require additional componentry depending on the age of your Miller Nitro to ensure compatibility.

Can I use my swath-adapter bracket from my previous Miller Nitro on a new model sprayer?

Yes. Depending on the age of your bracket, an additional wiring may be required.

Can I use a MacDon Flex or XL front on a Miller Nitro.

No, swather fronts must be a rigid model, up to 42” or 12.8m.