In cab displays: information at your fingertips

As standard – Miller Nitro 7000 series are fitted with one SprayView 12® display.

To have more information at a glance, users can opt for:
• Two SprayView 12® displays
• One SprayView 12® display and one Viper® 4+ display
• One SprayView 12® display and 3rd party display; Miller Nitro can support John Deere, Trimble or Topcon screen if bringing your own

Your data, your choice

SprayView 12®
The 12.1" screen offers the most connected experience with valuable remote monitoring and support functions, plus a wide range of fully customisable screen configurations and parameters to keep vital information in sight.

Viper® 4+
The 12.1” screen gives operators the ultimate data management experience powered by Raven Operating Software. Required for certain spray and boom options.


Seamless compatibility with New Holland PLM Connect, Case IH AFS Connect and 3rd party equivalent programs.
View a model sprayer on screen for complete visibility on live machine functionality
Set up multiple page views for guidance, performance and spray coverage
SprayView 12® allows remote support for dealer and product support access from anywhere.
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All Miller Nitro 7000 series models
SprayView 12® and Viper® 4+ are both 12.1” screens
Via API connection, SprayView 12® and Viper® 4+ displays are compatible with 3rd party desktop software
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a 3rd Party display (e.g. John Deere/Trimble/TopCon) with to a Miller Nitro?

Yes, with Miller Intelligence, 3rd Party displays can control application and steering of your Miller Nitro.

This enables the farmer to keep all the same precision farming systems to what is already being used in his operation.

Can I import my Grower Farm Field data from existing screens into SprayView 12® / Viper ® 4+ display?

Yes, using various desktop software packages, you can process your existing data to make this possible. Your local dealer will be able to assist.

Can I remotely send work orders to SprayView 12® / Viper ® 4+ displays from a device (laptop/desktop/iPad)

Yes, both displays have the ability to receive work orders and spray jobs remotely using relevant desktop software packages. Your local dealer will be able to assist.

What are the benefits of running dual displays

Some users prefer having increased access to data at a glance, this is where multiple displays shine.
For example, you can view machine performance data on your SprayView 12® at the same time as viewing your application and steering on your and Viper ® 4+ display.

Having two displays enhances task monitoring, better user experience and reduces the potential for mismatched information.