Spray pattern lights: Blue LED lights

Optional blue LED lights provide better spray pattern vision during low light and night time applications.

Allows for easier nozzle blockage detection.

Includes red end-of-boom LED light for spray width indication.

Boost your productivity

By opting for the end-of-boom marker lights and LED spray pattern light package, you can use your Miller Nitro safely all hours of the day and night – so you can watch your productivity soar.


You cannot see nozzles with a white blanket during low light/night spraying – blue LEDs make the spray pattern easier to see.
The ability to view spray patterns at night means your sprayer can work all hours of the day – boosting your productivity.
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Miller Truss Boom: 36m & 41.15m
Ask your Miller dealer for Spray Pattern Lights package options
5 blue LED, 2 red LED marker lights
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activated the Spray Pattern Lights?

The Spray Pattern lights are activated through the SprayView 12 display, and are activated as a separate zone from the other machine lights.

What are the benefits of the Spray Pattern Lights?

The ability to see spray patterns with the Spray Pattern Light package on a Miller Nitro allows operators to spray in low light and evening conditions.

Will the Spray Pattern Lights affect the operation of the Miller Nitro?

No. The weight, stability and spray pattern of the Miller Nitro will not be affected by adding Spray Pattern Lights.