Pommier Boom: providing width without weight

Pommier aluminium booms are available in 48-metre widths, the right solution for growers looking for a larger sprayer boom.

Pommier has set the Industry standard for aluminium boom manufacturing for nearly 40 years.

Specifically designed and manufactured aluminium extrusions ensure maximum strength with minimum weight.

The combination of the Miller Nitro and Pommier boom provides growers with ultimate performance and hectare covering width.

Superior boom controls


XRT is a state-of-the-art, radar-based, boom-height control system, standard on all Miller Nitros. The system is equipped with five sensors and can be set for either ground or canopy modes.


The lightweight aluminium constructions allow for wider boom widths without the weight.
The aluminium construction of the Pommier boom offers corrosion resistance including liquid UAN.
The increased productivity of the wider boom helps minimise time spent spraying.
The wider boom results in fewer wheel markings in fields, helping to prevent soil compaction.
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Aluminium Extrusion: The secret to Lightweight strength

Pommier patented aluminium extrusions provide superior strength while retaining industry-leading lightweight coverage.

Extrusion is a metal forming process in which metal or workpiece is forced to flow through a die to reduce its cross section or convert it into the desired shape.

Pommier spray booms are lighter, wider, and stronger due to their exclusive extrusion methods.


48/26m (158’/85’)
Nitro 7380/7420: W: 4.3 m H: 4.4 m
Dimensions can vary depending on options
TeeJet 3 way (Standard)
Nitro 7380/7420: 56 - 300 cm (22-118”) Tyre dependant
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