Miller MonoBeam: High strength, single beam boom

Miller MonoBeam booms are available in 30 and 36m widths.

Long, parallel link arms ensure smooth lifting and a tremendous height range from 55 to 300 cm to clear tall crops. Nozzles are located behind the MonoBeam for added protection.

For more than two decades, farmers have relied on the Miller MonoBeam boom.

It will give you the stability you need to go through the toughest conditions.

Superior boom controls


Standard on all Miller Nitros (excluding Pommier) - with the touch of a button, the boom will unfold and lower to the spray height predetermined by the operator. Touch the button again and the boom folds back to transport position.


Available in 30 and 36 meters to suit different spraying applications.
Square hollow section (SHS) construction creates an extremely tough and durable boom option.
Single beam design for simplicity of application.
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Master tough terrains with Miller MonoBeam boom.


XRT is a state-of-the-art, radar-based, boom-height control system, standard on all Miller Nitros. The system is equipped with five sensors and can be set for either ground or canopy modes


24/18m (80’/60’) , 27/18m (90’/60’), 30/18m (100’/60’), 36/18m (120’/70’)
(Available on indent orders only)
Nitro 7310: W: 4.1 m H: 3.89 m
Nitro 7380/7420: W: 3.68 m H: 3.91 m
Dimensions can vary depending on options
TeeJet 3 way (Standard)
Nitro 7310: 43.2 - 300 cm (17-117”) with suspension set at 190.5cm (75”)
Nitro 7380/7420: 56 - 300 cm (22-118”) Tyre dependant
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Frequently Asked Questions

What length options are available for the Miller MonoBeam Boom?

The Miller MonoBeam Boom is available in two length options: 30 meters and 36 meters, providing versatility to accommodate different spraying needs.

What advantages are there to the Miller MonoBeam Boom?

Simple, reliability and a robust design.
Perfect for the operater who is chasing simplicity and easy operation.

Why a single-beam boom design?

A single beam allows flexibility and absorption of the roughest terrains.
It also allows for simplified repairs should operational damage occur.