Auto-Grease: Groeneveld-BEKA’s automatic lubrication system

Proven to extend componentry life compared with manual greasing, Groeneveld-BEKA’s automatic lubrication system can dramatically cut the cost of bearing replacements, reducing downtime while improving efficiency and safety.

No more time consuming and messy hand pumps!

The Auto-Grease option (Groeneveld SingleLine or BEKAMAX EP-1 ) is available for Miller Nitro 7000 series owners.

Select from two Auto-Grease options

Groeneveld SingleLine (Preferred)
The combination of a strong and reliable pump and a wide range of unique metering units makes the SingleLine a highly suitable system for all agricultural applications.

Independent of ambient temperature and grease viscosity, the system will apply exactly the pre-set amount of grease at each lubrication point.

Designed to be used with EP-0 grease.

Groeneveld BEKAMAX EP-1
The EP-1 is an electrically actuated progressive pump. The EP-1 is able to deliver commercial lubricants from NLGI-000 up to NLGI-2 at a working pressure of maximum 280 bar.

This system is the ultimate solution for different applications in onroad, construction, agriculture and port equipment.

Designed to be used with EP-1 or 2 grease. Only available of units supplied out of Perth, WA.


Better greasing of critical components and the certainty that the equipment will always be greased independent of weather conditions.
No time wasted on manual lubrication.
With less moving parts, maintenance is simplified for peace of mind.
By ordering Auto-Grease with your new Miller Nitro, a hand pump (for filling the cannister) and 18kg drum of Groeneveld grease is included.
By ordering Auto-Grease with your new Miller Nitro, receive 3 year/3000 hours warranty on the greasing system (normally 2 years/2000 years).* T&Cs apply.
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Miller Nitro 7000 series models.
Groeneveld SingleLine: EP-0 grease
BEKAMAX EP-1 : EP-1 or 2 grease
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Groeneveld SingleLine preferred?

Progressive systems grease each point in turn. If there is a blockage, anything past that will not work. The SingleLine system greases everything at the same time, meaning if there is a blockage, no other point is affected.
SingleLine also allows addition grease points to be added without reconfiguration.

What are the benefits of ordering Auto-Grease with a new Miller Nitro?

By ordering and Auto-Grease system with a new Miller Nitro as opposed to fitting a system yourself, you can benefit from extended warranty on the system (3 year/3000 hours) and receive a hand pump and 18kg drum of grease.As an alternative, if you select a Granni Mix a Venturi suction port is supplied.