IntelliSpray II: Advanced nozzle control

The next generation of advanced application technology has arrived.

lntelliSpray II is the most precise application system on the market and comes standard with individual nozzle control (field computer dependent), ensuring unmatched consistency and droplet accuracy.

Individual nozzle control helps save chemical usage and over-application while maintaining consistent spray pressure and minimising drift.

Get effective coverage for weeds, diseases and pest control, while maintaining spray rates across the boom - regardless of obstacles and turns.

How IntelliSpray II technology works

The IntelliSpray II is a pulse width modulation
system (PWM) and leads the industry with a broad
range of applications, high flow and pressure
ratings and greater levels of accuracy.

PWM provides a constant application rate and spray pressure, even as the sprayer changes speed.

Think of it as changing nozzles from the comfort of your cab!

Once you select a nozzle tip based on application rates, chemical droplet size and travel speed, IntelliSpray II™ automatically controls the flow to meet targeted application rates.
Working at 10, 15 or 20 pulses per second, nozzle valves vary the duty cycle to maintain the correct application rate.

The results? Better coverage and less drift.


Up to 2.5 x more accurate than comparable systems. Achieve effective application rates regardless of sprayer speeds and field conditions.
Ensure consistent spray rates across the boom on field curves and turns.
Maintains consistent spray pressure and droplet size with variable speeds to reduce drift.
Standard individual nozzle on/off control minimises input costs and improves accuracy.
Apply varying rates of inputs across your field when used with a prescription map (entire boom or sections).
Pulse Standard, Bi-pass, Variable pressure, High-flow, High-flow variable pressure and on/off.
Avoids potential blockages during operation.
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Optimise application rates with IntelliSpray II and Miller Nitro.

With six modes of operation and up to 2.5 times greater accuracy than comparable systems, IntelliSpray II ensures flexible and precise spray application rates.

Enhanced nozzle control valves are high-flow capable, so you can spray at faster speeds or apply more product as needed, while severe-duty poppets help extend operating life.


MonoBeam: 30m & 36m (100ft & 120ft) booms. Miller
Truss: 36m & 41.15m (120ft & 135ft) booms.
Pommier: 48m boom.
Compatible with SprayView 12, Raven Viper 4+, TopCon*, John Deere*, AgLeader*. *Individual nozzle control is field computer dependent. Check with your manufacturer for compatibility.
TeeJet 3-way turret
MonoBeam & Miller Truss booms: 500mm (20”) & 250mm (10”)
Pommier booms: 500mm or 250mm
Standard on all Miller Nitro sprayers equipped with a Miller Precision Farming Base Kit. Requires unlock code.
One (1) per nozzle body assembly:
  • 10, 15 or 20 Hertz (selected by operator)
  • 13.6 Nominal operating voltage
  • 10-120 psi Operating pressure
Standard (dependent on field computer).
Up to 8 individual nozzle bodies and 32 boom sections can have variable rates.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IntelliSpray II™?

IntelliSpray II™ is a Pulse Width Modulation nozzle system designed to maintain consistent droplet size even as the sprayer's speed changes.
This leads to improved coverage and reduced drift at higher speeds.
IntelliSpray II™ is available exclusively on Miller Nitro sprayers.

What benefits does IntelliSpray II™ offer?

IntelliSpray II™ provides better coverage and less drift as the sprayer's speed increases. This is achieved by ensuring droplet size consistency regardless of the sprayer's velocity.
Achieve consistent and effective droplet size through individual and/or variable nozzle control, prevent over and under-application of chemical with turn compensation, minimise spray drift, and avoid potential blockages with in-cab solenoid diagnostics.

How much of a rate increase can be achieved using IntelliSpray II™?

IntelliSpray II™ enables an increase of up to 30% above the target application rate.

Can IntelliSpray II™ be used for conventional spraying as well? I.E. Can it be switched off?

Yes, IntelliSpray II™ offers the flexibility to choose between using the IntelliSpray II™ system and conventional spraying methods.
Operators have the freedom to decide which system to utilise based on their specific needs while in the cab.

Is IntelliSpray II™ compatible with green-on-green spot spraying systems like Bilberry?

Yes, IntelliSpray II™ is compatible with Bilberry green-on-green spot spraying system and provides individual nozzle control rather than sections when used with this technology.