Steering systems: hands-free steering

Automated steering systems are available for the Miller Nitro 7000 series, designed to make work in the field all that much easier, with quick line acquisition and incredible accuracy.

There are three systems available:
• SpraySteer™
• Raven SC1 Steering Controller
• Raven RS1 AutoSteer

Choose the system that works for you.

SpraySteer ™
Offering complete machine direction control at the touch of a button, SpraySteerTM ensures straight, parallel passes that eliminate skips and overlaps.

Using built-in T3 terrain-compensation signals (roll, pitch, yaw), maintain spraying accuracy even in rough and rolling terrain.

For the Operator that wants a fully factory-integrated solution.

Raven SC1™ Steering Controller
Designed to provide cutting-edge, hands-free machine steering when paired with a Raven field computer and GPS solution of your choice.

For the Operator that wants a fully-integrated solution with the ability to use a 3rd party GPS receiver.*

Raven RS1™ AutoSteer
To be used with a Raven field computer, RS1 is a high-powered guidance and connectivity system that combines

Autosteer, GNSS/RTK and Slingshot® Connectivity.

For the Operator that wants a fully-integrated solution using the Raven correction signal.*

*Your local dealer can assist with compatibility


Standard on SpraySteer™
Optional on Raven SC1™ & RS1™
Have the flexibility to have a 3rd party steering controller and screen steering the machine
Auto-adjust your steering with any of these systems to keep crops safe
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All systems are available on all Miller Nitro models
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use existing AB Lines, Boundaries and Landmarks from my previous GPS steering system with the Miller Nitro PLM supported platforms steering systems?

Yes, using various software packages you can convert and import your existing AB Curve/ Curve/ Pivot/ Heading & Straight Lines as well farm paddock boundaries and landmarks into both the Raven & Spray steer steering platforms.

This leads to improved coverage and reduced drift at higher speeds.
IntelliSpray II™ is available exclusively on Miller Nitro sprayers.

Does the Miller Nitro PLM steering systems capable of doing- automatic row turnaround?

Yes, Ravens ‘Auto Turn’ feature is available on the RS1 and SC1. There is a 20hr free demo for this feature included with every raven steering system. To purchase please contact your local dealership.
If you purchase a MY24 Miller Nitro with Spray steer as your steering platform it comes standard unlocked with the feature Sprayturn for automatic row turnaround.

Are 3rd Party steering controllers available with the Miller Nitro PLM?

Yes, there are several brands that are currently working in field with more 3rd party steering systems going through validation. Please contact your local dealership for more information.