Jackstand: Optional Tyre Removal Support

The functionally-designed Jackstand is an optional add-on to Miller Nitro models, allowing operators to easily and safely remove tyres.

Designed for Safety

Connect the Jackstand underneath each suspension arm to easily remove and change your sprayer tyres.

Note: Bottle Jack not included.


Easy to use and store when not required.
Essential option for safe tyre removal/changes.
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Available for all Miller Nitro 7000 & 6000 Series
Ask your Miller dealer for the Jackstand option
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Jackstand be used on an older Miller Nitro model?

No. The Jackstand is only suitable for the Miller Nitro 6000 & 7000 series models.

What is included when I select the Jackstand option?

The high-grade steel jackstand. The bottle is Jack not included.