Truss Boom: The industry standard for strength and stability

Miller steel truss booms are available in 36 and 41.50m widths.

Trusted by growers and spraying operators, the Miller truss boom offers a strong and rigid boom option that can fit modern application technology.

All you need to elevate your spraying operation.

Superior boom controls


Standard on all Miller Nitros (excluding Pommier) - with the touch of a button, the boom will unfold and lower to the spray height predetermined by the operator. Touch the button again and the boom folds back to transport position.


Available in 36 and 41.15 meters to suit different spraying applications.
Designed to be stronger and more rigid, providing enhanced stability and durability during spraying operations.
Design to fit modern spray application technology, including Bilberry and WeedSeeker 2 ensuring efficient and precise spraying.
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Truss Boom: It’s all about productivity


XRT is a state-of-the-art, radar-based, boom-height control system, standard on all Miller Nitros. The system is equipped with five sensors and can be set for either ground or canopy modes.


36m (36/22m), 120’ (120’/73’), 41.15m (41.15/22m), 135’ (135’/73’)
Individual Wing tilt. Bi-fold - Ability to half-fold and keep working
Single button press, stress-free folding and unfolding
Nitro 7310: W: 4.4 m H: 3.89 m
Nitro 7380/7420: W: 4.4 m H: 3.91 m
Dimensions can vary depending on options
TeeJet 3 way (Standard)
IntelliSpray II available
Spray-Air available
WeedSeeker 2 available
Nitro 7310: 63 - 317 cm (25 - 125”) Tyre & suspension setting dependant
Nitro 7380/7420: 76 -320 cm (30 - 126”)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What length options are available for the Miller Steel Truss Boom?

The Miller Steel Truss Boom is available in two length options: 36 meters and 41.15 meters, providing versatility to accommodate different spraying needs.

What sets the Miller Steel Truss Boom apart from other boom options?

The Miller Steel Truss Boom distinguishes itself with its superior strength and rigidity. It's designed to provide a stable and durable platform and is ready to be fitted with modern spraying technology.

Why is the Miller Steel Truss Boom trusted by growers and spraying operators?

It has earned the trust of the growers and spraying operators due to its proven performance and reliability. Growers and spraying operators rely on it to enhance their spraying operations and increase their productivity.