Building on more than 25 years of experience in the field, the WeedSeeker® 2 system brings generational improvement to the spot spraying market, now Miller Nitro owners can enjoy the convenience of adding WeedSeeker’s selective spot spraying technology to their Miller Nitro quickly and easily.

Elevate your spot spraying operation with Miller & WeedSeeker

When it’s time to elevate your spraying operation WeedSeeker® 2 and Miller Nitro are the answer!
Using advanced optics and processing power, the WeedSeeker® 2 system detects and applies herbicide to weeds. When a weed passes underneath the sensor it signals its linked spray nozzle to precisely deliver herbicide and kill the weed, reducing the amount of chemical applied by up to 90%, making WeedSeeker® 2 an excellent addition to your Miller Nitro.


The WeedSeeker® 2 intelligent sensors automatically adjust on the run to changing temperature, ambient light, and backgrounds like soil or stubble, ensuring sensor accuracy in all conditions.
New display not required—use any ISOBUS-compatible display you currently own to monitor and control your WeedSeeker® 2 system.
Our innovative sensor system automatically adjusts to light conditions, allowing users to spray day or night.
The lightweight sensor has an expanded coverage area matching the industry standard 50cm spacing of spray nozzles, allowing even the largest booms being outfitted with WeedSeeker® 2.
Take control of costly over application or missed targets with WeedSeeker® 2 section control
WeedSeeker® 2 automatically adjusts when you are cornering, ensuring there are no missed targets because of speed-related changes.
WeedSeeker® 2 users are experiencing up to 90% savings in fallow herbicide, reducing costs and delivering significant environmental benefits.
WeedSeeker® 2 gives you the ability to apply higher rates of expensive herbicide mixes on hard to kill or resistant weeds
Knowing where weeds concentrate in your fields gives you the power to better attack them year over year. The WeedSeeker® 2 system now logs every weed sprayed, so you can see where your problem areas are, and review detailed maps from your records before your next spray.
Using advanced optics, WeedSeeker® 2 handles varying boom heights with no need to use a ground following boom like some competitors. A running height of 50 to 120cm gives you the ability to fit WeedSeeker® 2 to any suspended spray boom. If outside this height range the sensor will activate the nozzle ensuring no costly missed targets.
High levels of dust especially in the summer spray season can cause issues for some of our competitors. However, WeedSeeker® 2 can sense the presence of dust & activate the nozzle if levels become too high, ensuring no missed targets.
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Upgrade your spraying operation with Miller Nitro fitted with WeedSeeker® 2

Many growers are experiencing the benefits of adding
WeedSeeker® 2 system onto their Miller Nitro self-propelled sprayer.
Using our quick release bracket kit, WeedSeeker® 2 can easily be installed & removed from your Nitro boom. Protecting your investment when the WeedSeeker® is not in use
WeedSeeker® 2 fitted to a Miller Nitro gives you the ability to apply a light rate of herbicide through the overall line, whilst in the same pass applying a higher rate through the WeedSeeker® 2 sensors on the larger targets. Ensuring any small target that are not visible to the WeedSeeker® 2 are not missed.
Helping them to reduce up to 90% in fallow herbicide: substantially reducing costs and significantly delivering environmental benefits.


Dual-Frequency Light Source. Red and Near Infra-Red light, are used to detect chlorophyll in living plants.
New display not required—use any ISOBUS-compatible display you currently own to monitor and control your WeedSeeker® 2 system.
WeedSeeker® 2 has increased its coverage width per sensor from 38 to 50cm, this is still twice resolution of our competitors.
A lightweight, universal, quick-release bracket has been developed to suit most common booms on the market.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the WeedSeeker® 2 system work?

The WeedSeeker® 2 system is an advanced spot spraying system designed for targeted weed control. It utilises advanced optics and processing power to detect weeds and precisely apply herbicide only where needed.

How accurate is the WeedSeeker® 2 system in detecting and treating weeds?

The WeedSeeker® 2 system boasts high accuracy in weed detection and precise herbicide application. Its advanced technology reduce herbicide usage by up to 90%.

Does the WeedSeeker® 2 system work in different weather and lighting conditions?

Yes, the WeedSeeker® 2 intelligent sensors automatically adjust on the run to changing temperatures, ambient light & backgrounds like dust/soil/stubble, ensuring sensor accuracy in all conditions.

In the event of a camera failure within the WeedSeeker® 2 system, is there a provision to set up the associated spray nozzles for continuous operation, allowing spraying to continue without interruption?

In the event of a sensor failure in the WeedSeeker® 2 system, the sensor's fail-safe position is typically set to "on," allowing continuous spraying until the issue is resolved. Moreover, all systems are now equipped with a spare WeedSeeker 2 sensor. If a sensor fails or gets damaged, you can promptly replace it with the spare sensor. If the damaged sensor is repairable, WeedSeeker ® 2 sensors are serviced and repaired in Australia.