Miller Spray-Air: Less drift, less water, more coverage!

When coverage is critical and you need a deep canopy penetration to kill the target pest, be it weed, disease, or insect, look no further than Miller’s Spray-Air air boom technology.

The unique air nozzle spray system puts instantaneous control of droplet size, spray pattern, and the speed of the air blast spraying into the crop right at your fingertips.

There is no other technology available that will give you coverage as good as this, with the lowest application rates possible.

How Spray-Air technology works

The patented Shear Guard PLUS Air Nozzles, spaced every 10" along the air boom, atomise the spray droplets. This creates the optimum-sized droplets, which are not affected by speed and pressure changes, ensuring a uniform application over the entire field.
The Air Nozzle’s 160+ km/h air blasts the spray droplets deep into the crop canopy, ensuring complete top-to-bottom leaf surface coverage. No other application technology can measure up to the total plant coverage from the Spray-Air nozzle.
Because of the smaller controlled droplets and directed air blast, the Air Nozzles allow for very efficient use of water, often in the range of 18 to 46 L/Ha for herbicides, and generally from 56 to 93 L/Ha with fungicides.


Utilise minimal carrier volumes (20 to 80L/Ha) for herbicides, desiccants, insecticides, and fungicides applications.
Achieve superior plant coverage with the Spray-Air Nozzle, using the minimum chemical necessary.
Spray-AirSpray-Air technology ensures dense canopy penetration and total plant coverage, requiring only 20 to 80 L/Ha.
Choose from three methods: Spray-Air air nozzle for optimal coverage and efficiency; conventional flat fan nozzles for higher volume applications; or combine conventional nozzles with Air Nozzle for classic Air Assist in high-volume applications.
Spray-Air owners practice environmental stewardship by using only as much chemical and water as required, reducing carryover of crop protection products.
Operators save $6 to $10 per acre in application costs by employing the lowest, most efficient methods.
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Droplet size is the key to coverage.

Do more, with less.
Applying crop protection products with smaller droplets results in significantly more coverage than large droplets when applying the same carrier volume.

This is why the Spray-Air™ nozzle allows for a reduction in water carrier volumes over conventional flat fan nozzle applications: smaller droplets mean more surface coverage, requiring less water and the lowest rates of active agent possible!

Large coarse droplets (particularly 400 microns and larger) tend to miss the leaves, bounce or runoff, or pool in concentrations.

Only fine & medium droplets provide consistent & uniform surface coverage.


Truss-style construction with individual wing tilt (wing tilt cylinders are equipped with accumulators).
Miller Truss: 120 / 73 ft boom. All booms are equipped with 10-section air-operated shut-off valves and priming.
1” stainless steel pipe
TeeJet single body nozzle
Air chem saver with recirculation for priming and flushing
Spray-Air patented Shear Guard Plus nozzle bodies mounted to air pipe
0.035 Diameter Green Metering orifice plates are standard for Shear Guard Plus™ nozzles - other options available
Spray-Air - 10” nozzle centres starting on the centre
Conventional - 20" nozzle centres starting on the centre
Standard (dependent on field computer).
Crary hydraulically driven fans (2) with controls and air tubes 6” air tubes run full width of boom
Both fans feed the entire length of tube
RFM 100 flow meter
The UltraFlo hydraulic system option is required with the Spray-Air boom system
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miller Spray-Air™ air boom technology known for?

Miller's Spray-Air™ air boom technology is renowned for providing the most precise application technology available. It excels in situations where coverage is crucial and deep canopy penetration is needed to combat target pests such as weeds, diseases, or insects.

This leads to improved coverage and reduced drift at higher speeds.
IntelliSpray II™ is available exclusively on Miller Nitro sprayers.

What are the key features of Miller Spray-Air™?

Miller Spray-Air™ offers instantaneous control over droplet size, spray pattern, and the speed of the air blast spraying. It is distinguished by its ability to provide exceptional coverage, even at the lowest application rates achievable.

What advantage does Miller Spray-Air™ provide for coverage?

The Spray-Air™ technology's unique air nozzle spray system ensures deep canopy penetration, providing complete top-to-bottom leaf surface coverage. This surpasses other application technologies in terms of total plant coverage.

Which models is the Spray-Air™ available on?

The Spray-Air™ is available on 120ft Miller truss booms.

What benefits can users expect from using the Spray-Air™ air boom technology?

Users can anticipate improved application efficiency, and full plant coverage while minimising application rates.